``My daughter was 5 yo and she was telling me that her friends were making fun of her because of her speech. I found Kyra through YELP and she did not disappoint. She was agreeable to try a few lessons with my daughter to see if she could get the sounds. To my delight my daughter was able to learn the sounds very quickly. Kyra is great!``


``My son, age two, has worked with both Kyra and Kristina and adores them. They are both so warm, friendly and truly want the best for him. My son has also made huge progress and is learning several words a week. I used to feel very stressed about his speech delay but now feel at ease and feel confident in his progress. I highly suggest this business.``


``My 4 1/2 year old grandson has been diagnosed as low functioning autistic. Before starting therapy he did not use any words at all. Luckily we got a referral to Mrs. Kyra for Speech Therapy. Now Alex uses long words correctly in well structured sentences. If he does not understand a word or concept he will ask for an explanation. Amazing Results.``


``My son is 10 and has been in speech therapy at school with very slow progress. He wanted to work with a private speech therapist on his own and is very motivated. We have been working with Amanda and she is wonderful. The convenience of having someone come to your home is so great for busy families. We are so happy to have found Sound it Out Speech Therapy!``


``My son LOVES working with Kristina. He's two and he warmed right up to her, she's so sweet and punctual and smart, and brings him toys that engage him (not an easy thing to do). I have tried several other speech therapists and Sound it Out Speech Therapy is my favorite and the one I'm sticking with.``


``I can't speak highly enough of Sound It Out Speech! My son has progressed so much with both Kyra and Kristina. Just over the six months he has been seeing them he's grown in the amount of words and confidence in his speaking. His speech delay used to keep me up at night and now I feel at ease knowing he is coming along and learning more and more words each week. They are the best!``


``My son has been doing speech with Lorre for months now. She is the best. In a couple of months he developed more words with her then in school. She is really good and has a lot of patience with him. Right away I noticed the improvement and was so happy that I came across Sound It Out Speech Therapy. I will recommend them to everyone who wants to see results right away.``


``Truly outstanding therapy which is personalized and very effective. My son has made great progress in only a few months. I would highly recommend Lorre and Sound It Out Speech Therapy. They even helped us submit invoices to our insurance provider.``

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